“CDP is an indispensable partner and resource”

Sargasso Co-Founder, quoted in the announcement of the CDP2022 Scores


Justin Steinberg, Co-Founder, Finance Lead, Sargasso Environmental Insights at Steinberg Asset Management: “CDP is an indispensable partner and resource. Since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we view disclosure to CDP as a key indicator of corporate environmental leadership. The best CDP reports are filled with critical information regarding a company’s environmental performance and strategy; poor or non-existent disclosure also speaks volumes. Because water, deforestation and climate are inextricably linked we seek out those companies that exhibit excellent disclosure in multiple areas. We believe that companies that are disclosing rigorously and integrating environmental issues into their business strategy and operations demonstrate superior risk management, and we expect they will be better positioned to capitalize on new opportunities as the environmental megatrend takes hold.”


CDP2022 Score Announcement: Just 1.3% of companies leading across all environmental issues, CDP disclosure scores reveal